1. What’s in each kit?

The 16x7 Garage kit includes: a 16x7” net, 8-hook screws, 8-bungees and setup instructions for each of the grommets. The 18.5x7 Field Kit includes a 18.5x7” net, 8-ball bungees and setup instructions to wrap around the soccer goal post. 

2. What if the Ball Bungee’s are too long?

The ball bungee’s can be wrapped through each grommet hole multiple times to create a more snug fit and more taut net whether your setup is at home in your garage door frame or on the soccer field with a soccer goal frame.

3. Can I secure the ball bungee’s to my garage door tracks?

Yes you can but the hook screws allow you to secure the net to your garage frame or garage wall helping to create more stretched and taut net for rebound play.

4. When installing the 16x7” net for my garage is it helpful to drill pilot holes for the hook screws?

Yes, use a 1/8 inch drill bit for 2x4 stud mounting. If you are mounting directly into sheet rock or drywall you may be able to screw directly into the wall.